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Mixed Clydeside Gift Box
  • Mixed Clydeside Gift Box

    VAT Included |
    • Rangers/Celtic Clydeside Gift Boxes
    • Perfect gift for football fans in Glasgow!
    • Designed and manufactured in Glasgow by two Glasgow-based Product Design Engineers
    • Containing individual models from the Clydeside Chess Set
    • Inspired by iconic landmarks throughout the city of Glasgow:


    • King: University of Glasgow tower (97mm height)
    • Queen: Tolbooth Steeple (90 mm height)
    • Knight: Duke of Wellington statue (70 mm height)
    • Bishop: Riverside Museum (33mm height)
    • Rook: Finnieston Crane (58mm height)
    • Pawn: SEC Armadillo (32mm height)


    • Pieces manufactured from a plant-based material
    • Box dimensions: 400x150x50mm 
    • Foam insert for secure packaging
    • Blue & white / green & white sets available
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