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The Clydeside Chess Set was the first product designed by 3D Scotland back in 2021, and is the set closest to the hearts of the two Glaswegian designers.


This exquisite set features intricately crafted pieces inspired by iconic Glasgow landmarks such as the majestic University Tower, the historic Tolbooth Steeple, the industrial Finnieston Crane, the whimsical Duke of Wellington Statue, the unique Riverside Museum and the modern SEC Armadillo.


Each piece is designed with meticulous attention to detail, making this chess set a perfect blend of art, culture, and strategy. Ideal for both chess enthusiasts and admirers of Glasgow's landmarks, this set is a stunning addition to any collection.


The Edinburgh vs Glasgow Chess Set was the next logical step after the release of the Clydeside and Edinburgh versions. 

Playing on the rivalry between the two cities, the set encapsulates the great history and unique characteristics of each respective city. The result is a rich, board game-sized tapestry that brings Scotland to life!

On the Glasgow side - University of Glasgow Tower, Tolbooth Steeple, Riverside Museum, Duke of Wellington Statue, Finnieston Crane and SEC Armadillo.

These face off against Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel, Sir Walter Scott Monument, Dugald Monument, Greyfriars Bobby Statue, Edinburgh Castle and Murrayfield Stadium.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-12 at 10.48.51 PM.jpeg
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Introducing the Edinburgh Chess Set, a unique homage to the city's architectural splendour and rich history. Each piece in this extraordinary set draws inspiration from Edinburgh's renowned landmarks.


The commanding presence of Edinburgh Castle sets the tone for a regal game, while the Balmoral Hotel adds a touch of elegance. The Sir Walter Scott Monument stands tall, celebrating literary greatness, and the Greyfriars Bobby Statue brings a heart-warming story to life. The Murrayfield Stadium captures the spirit of athletic achievement, and the Dugald Stewart Monument adds a classic, picturesque charm.


Expertly designed with intricate details, this chess set merges art, culture, and strategy. 

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